Dr. Jamie Chung

Dr. Chung believes her role as a veterinarian is to act as an advocate for pets and an educator for people. She knows that to be an advocate for her patient, she needs to make communicating clearly with the owner a priority so they meet a common goal of seeing a happy, healthy pet. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Science, Dr. Chung moved to Brisbane, Australia where she pursued her veterinary training at the University of Queensland. She’s interested in exotic medicine, emergency medicine, and internal medicine. Although she misses the sunshine and good weather, she’s thrilled to be working with the talented and caring team at Clarkson Village Animal Hospital! With the 24/7 shifts, she expects to get exposure to many interesting cases. “Everyone I’ve worked with so far at Clarkson Village Animal Hospital has exceeded my expectations and that’s rare.” She believes in teamwork and is looking forward to working at a multi-vet clinic with compassionate and friendly staff – although she admits to secretly liking animals way more than people! She lives with her 11 year old cat named Willie and her 6 year old basset hound named Buster. The cat rules the house and likes to boss her dog around; but both are very affectionate, great with kids, and well behaved! In her spare time, Dr. Chung likes doing arts and crafts as well as staying active with a variety of sports such as yoga, softball, and snowboarding. Her dream is to pursue alternative veterinary medicine


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