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Professional Pet Groomer

Kelly loves to pamper pets. As our in-house groomer for a great many years, she takes pride in not only making pets look great, but also feel good. We all know how great we feel after a haircut, and it’s no surprise that our pets feel the same way.

With admirable patience, Kelly strives to make sure your pet’s experience is as enjoyable as possible. Although she grooms all breeds, she especially adores Shih-Tzus just like her own little “Pooter”. Kelly has also recently adopted a playful boxer named “Bentley”. She will thoroughly shampoo your pet while removing loose hair and turn your pet into the talk of the town.

Kelly is also a graduate of Sheridan College’s Animal Care Program, so you know that your pet is in extra special hands.c


dog park

Proper Etiquette for Leash-Free Parks

Once the warm weather arrives, it is very common to start bringing your pets to parks and leash-free areas. However, please be aware that there are specific rules and regulations responsible pet owners should be made aware of.

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