Emergency Services for Dogs

Emergency Care

Emergency veterinary care is needed when something happens primarily outside of what is considered regular clinic hours. There are many things that are considered true emergencies that need to be seen immediately. These include motor vehicle accidents, dog bites/animal fights, bleeding (from cuts that can be seen and when you don’t know where the blood is coming from), retching as if to vomit but nothing is coming up, foreign body ingestion, toxin ingestions, vomiting multiple times in a day/hour, bloody diarrhea, etc. If you think something is wrong, it is always better to come in for an exam rather than waiting.

Where is your clinic located?

1659 Lakeshore Rd West
Mississauga, Ontario

Are you a 24-hour vet hospital?

Yes, we have a doctor and registered veterinarian technician in the clinic 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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