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Fecal Services for Cats

Cat Fecal Exam

What is a cat fecal parasite screen? A fecal parasite screen is a test of the cat’s feces in order to see if they have a parasitic infection. What does a fecal parasite screen reveal? The fecal test will reveal if the cat has a parasitic infection. How is a...

Cat Euthanasia

Many conditions are debilitating and not treatable, and while we try to keep pets comfortable for as long as possible, the decision is almost always inevitable. It can be difficult to know when the right time is.

Cat Deworming

Intestinal parasites are one of the most common infections in cats. Our pets have a high potential for infection due to the many varied ways they can contract intestinal parasites.

Cat Parasite Services

Cat Flea & Tick Control

How do I know if my cat has fleas? Cats that have fleas will itch, lick and be uncomfortable. Some cats may have rashes and scabbing due to self-trauma (licking and scratching). Large flea infestations may have visible flea dirt in the fur. Flea dirt is the flea’s feces deposited...