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Dog Urinalysis and Fecal Exam

Testing of stool samples can let us know if your pet is carrying intestinal parasites which can cause disease in your pet and also potentially expose your family to a parasite. Younger dogs can be potentially much more seriously affected by intestinal parasites.

Heartworm Disease Tests

If a dog has heartworms, what symptoms should I look for? Heartworm disease typically causes a cough, weight loss and poor exercise tolerance. This can also be true of many other diseases as well which may be more common, so testing for HWD is critical to making sure that this...

Dog Nail Trimming & Grooming

Dog Grooming and Nail Trimming

We offer complete professional grooming for all breeds of dogs and cats at our clinic. We love to pamper your pets. With an invigorating bath and lots of tender loving care, we will thoroughly shampoo your pet, while removing loose hair and moisturizing the skin for optimal grooming. In addition...

Senior Dog Care

While senior status varies according to breed, all dogs eventually become older and require adjustments in their care as they age. Older dogs often suffer from arthritis, vision and hearing changes, gastrointestinal difficulties, dementia, dental problems and host of other issues. These concerns may lead to problems in caring for...