Blood test for Dogs

Blood testing is one of the easiest and frequently utilized forms of diagnostics performed in the veterinary clinic. At Clarkson Village Animal Hospital, we can run Blood Work in the clinic, although most testing is sent to an outside laboratory.

Blood tests in dogs provide us with valuable information about their health and wellness especially since they cannot speak for themselves. Blood test changes can give us clues as to which organ system might be affected when they are unwell. Blood tests can also provide peace of mind for owners if they are healthy as to whether their pets are healthy on the inside as well as the outside.

Why are blood tests for dogs important?

Blood work allows us to monitor changes year to year to know what is ‘average’ for that individual, this also allows us to track any changes. In some cases, we can catch early signs of disease before it becomes more of a problem. For animals with illness already, this allows us to monitor the progression of a disease. It helps give us an idea of prognosis (is getting better? or worse?), other changes/issues that may crop up with time and monitor the effects and potential side effects of medications. We also need to know that the dose of the drug is correct – some pets, just like some humans, require higher doses than others).

How do I understand the blood test results?

Once the results are received, the veterinarian will scan the bloodwork for abnormalities and follow up with a call to discuss the findings to help you understand them.

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