Qadir Qadis

Lead Veterinary Technician

Qadir started his career as a veterinary technician in 1999. He continued getting his DVM degree from the Faculty of Veterinary Science at Kabul University, in 2006. Qadir earned his doctorate degree on the subject of veterinary immunology from Gifu University in 2014.

After coming to Canada and starting a new life, Qadir started working as a veterinary technician in GTA, and he has been a member of the Clarkson team since 2018. Qadir is in the process of getting his DVM license in Canada and has made some achievements recently. Qadir has several years’ experience working at the small and large animal hospitals in different countries and has completed professional training in ultrasonography and endoscopy in Japan and has also attended clinical laboratory several diagnostics courses.

He enjoys working emergencies, surgeries and ultrasound diagnostics. Outside of veterinary medicine, Qadir enjoys cycling, travelling and spending time with his family and friends including his adorable cat Cocochan.