Coming Into a New Season: Adopt a Pet

We have had a cold and frosty winter this year, but now we are coming to a magical time when seasons are changing. Summer is on the way, and with warmer temperatures changes comes open hearts and open minds.

For those who are looking to expand their family, Spring is a great time of the year to adopt a furry friend and add to the joy of your family! Warmer weather allows more outdoor time with your furry friend and family, making this time of the year ideal for training and having fun with your new addition.

For those considering adding a new member to the family, adopting is a fantastic approach to take when looking for a companion. Pet Adoption agencies can be found in most cities through Humane Societies and City Animal Control Centers. There are also private organizations that you can search to find the best-suited pet for your family. Every family has it’s dynamic and features, the beauty of adopting your new addition is that you can find a pet that best suits your family’s needs and desires. For example, the married couple who no longer has young children in the home may desire a mature furry friend that can provide companionship for daily activities. The family that has younger children in the home may seek a puppy or kitten to grow alongside with the family. Adopting provides the option of choosing the pet that best fits your lifestyle.

There are some important factors to consider when adopting, especially if you are considering private adoption through non-reputable agencies. New adoptive parents should inquire about vaccinations and health status. For example, if there are pre-existing conditions that require ongoing medications, it is important that full disclosure provided.

The City of Mississauga and other animal control agencies in Ontario provide full disclosure on the health status of their adoptees. Such agencies will ensure that the pet is fully vaccinated with the core vaccines of that particular species. They also will ensure that their adoptive pets are spayed and neutered before going to a new forever home, making this option cost-effective for pet owners. Adoption fees can range depending on species. All adoptive pets have their own story in regards to their history and how they became an adoptee, making each adoptee unique in their unique way!

Adoption can range from different species including reptiles, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, rodents, rabbits, dogs, cats, and even barnyard animals. Please visit Mississauga Animal Control and the OSPCA to view all the available pets for adoption.

If you need a hand with socializing pets or have any questions about adopting a new pet, please give us a call!