Fireworks and Your Pet!

Fireworks can be an enjoyable and exciting event for many people, but your pets often do not feel the same way. Fireworks can spook your pet and cause an overwhelming amount of anxiety that can last for days after the traumatic event.

Please do not let your dog or cat outside if you are expecting neighbours or city events to release fireworks. Many cats and dogs go missing during fireworks and end up in shelters, or are injured as a result of roaming on the streets, or in areas where coyotes are active.

Make sure you take your dog out for walks earlier in the day.

Do not:

  • Leave your pet unattended in the backyard.
  • Leave your pet tied up outside, or in the car.
  • Force them out of hiding in the house, if they are pacing or hiding, please leave them to do so. Interfering may add to their stress levels.


  • Ensure your pet is microchipped and the microchip is registered in the event of your pet going missing.
  • Stay calm and do not get upset if you notice your pet is showing symptoms of stress.
  • Speak with your veterinarian regarding calming medication, or supplements to help keep your pet relaxed during firework events.