Let’s Talk Teeth

Dental health can be more complicated than simply looking into our pet’s mouth. Although there can be clear signs that there are oral health issues, including bad breath and plaque buildup, there can also be issues going on that we cannot see. By breaking down the anatomy of the tooth itself, it can help us understand what goes into a dental procedure.

The TOOTH consists of the CROWN and the ROOT, which can only be assessed after your pet has been anesthetized. The CROWNS can only be visible after cleaning when there is no tartar covering them. The ROOTS are located under the gums and are only visible by x-rays.

X-ray image of crown and root of a tooth

Visually we can only see 1/3 of the tooth, the crown. By looking at the just the crown we can only guess what the root is doing since it is hidden below the gum line.

When we provide you with the cost of a dental procedure, it is much like phoning your car mechanic and asking how much does it cost to fix the funny noise in your car. Your mechanic cannot tell you how much it costs until they determine exactly what the problem is. Similarly, we cannot give you a 100% cost assurance without a full assessment of each tooth. This is where x-rays become a great tool to identify any additional issues that may not be seen by the human eye.

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