What to Do If Your Pet Goes Missing

Having a pet that has gone missing is one of the most traumatic experiences for both you and your best pal. It is always good to know how to go about finding your pet, after they’ve wandered off and how to prevent it from happening again possibly. Whether your pet got scared and ran away, got out of the backyard, or even got stolen, you should always contact any local humane society or animal hospitals and ask if your pet has shown up. Some people will assume they are astray and pick them up. You can use an internet browser to look up the numbers for shelters and clinics near you, or even a phone book.

Getting the word out and letting people know that they’re missing with a brief description of your pet is very important. You can also use social media to get the word out to close friends and family that live near you. Posters with a clear photo of your pet, name, and a way to contact you in case your pet is hiding under a shed, or in a garage.

Microchipping your pet is an excellent way for identification, especially if your pet doesn’t have a collar with tags. The first thing the human society or animal hospital look for is a microchip. Microchips will have your pet’s information, such as name and breed, as well as your information and a way to contact you. If your pet does not have a microchip, it is something that is never too late to get.

Another option is leaving some of your pet’s belongings outside your house, such as a bed, toys, or even a food bowl. They may be able to smell it or trace it while they’re wandering around.

Once again, losing a pet is very hard it is very important not to give up after a while, keep calling nearby shelters, keep posting it on social media, and keep going for walks and try to find them. Be patient; your beloved pet is looking for you too.