We offer high-quality cat spaying and neutering.

During our service we provide:

  • Pre-operative checkup with the veterinarian
  • Pain medication before, during, and after surgery
  • Pain medication to be given at home
  • Intravenous fluids – a must for hydration, emergency access to a vein, and to maintain blood pressure
  • Safe maintenance of blood pressure and body temperature – a must for safety and comfort
  • The comfort of knowing that your pet is cared for by experienced veterinarians, and by Ontario Registered Veterinary Technicians for hands-on nursing care
  • All re-checks following surgery

Please ask us if you wish to see ‘behind the scenes’ to where your pet will stay, and see the surgical suite.

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What is neutering?

For male cats, neutering ‘orchidectomy’ surgery involves the surgical removal (-ectomy) of the testicles (orchid-) as a sterile procedure, under general anesthetic. The surgery is performed by a licensed, experienced veterinary surgeon here at the Clarkson Village Animal Hospital.

Should I have my male cat neutered?

We recommend neutering all male pets who are not going to be used for breeding or showing, as an essential part of primary preventive health care. This decision is made easier knowing the benefits that you are making for your pet’s future health.

What are the advantages of neutering my cat?

  • Reduces the urge to escape to find a mate and enlarge his territory, thereby reducing roaming and keeping your pet safer.
  • Reduces disease exposure. While increasing his territory, your pet will come into contact with other cats and fight for dominance. Cat bites can transmit diseases causing
  • Eliminates testicular diseases such as cancer, trauma, and infection.
  • Reduces aggressive behaviour.
  • Reduces urine marking and urine odour in the house.
  • Prevents unwanted litters and the needless deaths of kittens and cats.

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