Socializing Your Pets

Are you thinking of adding a pet to your home? Combining houses with a spouse, or buying a furry brother or sister for your pet? These tips can help make the transition easier!

Dog + Dog – Short and Sweet

Cat + Cat – Staged Approach

  • Put cats in separate rooms within earshot
  • Supervise a meeting in the same room
  • Progress slowly towards unsupervised visits

Dog + Cat – Keep Calm

  • Take the dog for a long walk beforehand
  • Use a leash during the first visit
  • Let the cat set the pace for interaction

Dog + Puppy

Adult pets are one thing, but bringing a puppy into the home can bring a new set of adventures.

  • Put away your older dogs favourite chews and toys to avoid the territorial behaviour.
  • Create space in your home where both dogs can get away from the other.
  • Purchase separate food dishes to prevent possessive aggression.

Dog + Baby

  • Install safety gates to designate some rooms as “off-limits” to your dog. This way, the baby can perfect it’s rolling and crawl in peace.
  • Always supervise; never leave your child unattended with your pet. Infant behaviour like squealing or quick manoeuvres could unexpectedly irritate your dog. Watch for pacing or unusual eye contact, which could indicate your dog isn’t comfortable with the baby.